There are several types of pre-purchase home inspections such as:

Residential Home Inspection

A residential home inspection is a limited, visual inspection in accordance with the standards of practice of the national Academy of Building Inspection Engineers. During a residential inspection, all items visible and accessible by normal means are included in the inspection and report. The following list includes items that are inspected: structure, roof, attic, plumbing, heating system, air conditioning system, electrical system, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, foundation, and basement.

Structural Home Inspection

A structural home inspection is a limited inspection and evaluation of the structural component(s) of a dwelling. During a structural inspection, our engineers will assess any occurring structural defects or deficiencies (i.e. cracking/bowing of walls, foundation issues, retaining walls, etc.) and compile a final report with repair recommendations as needed.  We offer foundation, foundation certification, retaining wall, limited structural, and exhaustive structural inspections. To determine which type of inspection best fits your needs, please feel free to contact us.

Insurance Claims Investigations

An insurance claim investigation is an on-site evaluation of damage to a home due to circumstances that may be covered by insurance, such as weather, fire, etc. This report typically states the cause and severity of the damage and includes repair recommendations if applicable.

Litigation Support

Litigation support provides accounting assistance in matters involving existing or pending litigation. We deal primarily with issues related to the quantification of economic damages and provide a calculation of economic loss resulting from a breach of contract.

Expert Witness

Mr. Ron Corum’s  education, training, skill, and expertise in the field of structural engineering qualifies him as a reputable and reliable expert witness. Over the years, Mr. Corum has served as an expert witness in a variety of cases and has proven to be a valuable asset.

Reserve Studies/Transition Study

A reserve/transition study is an engineering review of building components, complete with financial analysis, that determines what must be set aside, on a periodic basis, in a capital reserve fund. If your property has a history of issues, or if we uncover them, Corum Engineering is available to develop repair designs, bid packages, and oversee construction.

Mold and/or Asbestos Testing

Mold/asbestos samples are collected on site and are sent to an accredited laboratory for testing. Results are then given to the customer with any recommendations for remediation if necessary.

Radon Testing

Radon gasses are present in almost every basement or slab home. We place test canisters in locations where radon is typically found. Canisters are then delivered to an accredited laboratory for testing. Results are then given to the customer with any recommendations for remediation if necessary.